The birth of Riley B. Nhorn


(These photos were taken when she was one week old)

Riley was born on Sunday, February 14, 2016 @ 7:39 AM weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz and 19 inches. My water broke at exactly 6 AM on Saturday morning and I was in labor for 25 hours. I developed Chorioamnionitis (chorio for short) because a nurse checked my cervix too many times which led to an infection. Then as soon as I pushed Riley out, I held her for about 3 mins before she was whisked away to the NICU. I was hooked onto an IV for 3 days while my baby was in the NICU getting tests done and having needles poked into her while also being on an IV. Riley was getting tests done to check for infections from the chorio and she also developed jaundice. Riley was in the NICU for 6 days but it felt like a lifetime. I spent every night and all day in the hospital by her side, only going home to either eat and shower. It hurt me to see her under the phototherapy lamp because I couldn’t hold her and bond with her. The stress affected my milk supply and I couldn’t really feed her for the 6 days that she was in the hospital. Not being able to feed her made me stress even more. I was a total mess, I was crying almost every day and I just wanted my baby to come home with me.

When she finally came home on Saturday, February 20th, It felt like a big weight had lifted off my shoulders. I was filled with joy when the doctor came into her room with her discharge papers. After the nurse handed us everything we needed, we left the hospital and never looked back.

There are a few things that I know now that I wish I knew then and also a few things I would change.

  • I wish I had waited to go to the ER after my water broke. I didn’t have contractions until 5-6 hours after my water broke.
  • I wouldn’t let any nurse check my cervix no more than 3 times to avoid getting an infection.
  • I would change my OBGYN. Don’t get me wrong, she was a great doctor up until I was 32 weeks pregnant. She changed my due date when I was 10 weeks pregnant to 8 weeks and I didn’t find out until I was 39 weeks from a different doctor. After my 32 week check-up, I wasn’t seeing my original OBGYN and I didn’t know why. I wish she had communicated with me more.
  • When I was pregnant, I was dealing with sciatica, a pinched nerve. I also have scoliosis so the pinched nerve added more pain to my back. I wish I asked my doctor for a referral to see a chiropractor. I figured that I could deal with the pain and avoid going to a bunch of different doctor appointments. I should have just asked for a referral to see a chiropractor.

I know that “wishing” to change these things won’t do anything because it happened already, but now I know what to expect and what I want for my next pregnancy/baby. Every experience is different but I write this in hopes that other mamas out there don’t experience what I experienced. I’d love to hear about your do’s and don’ts for pregnancy and labor down in the comments!


House hunting

Today I asked Kevin to take me around our town to look at some old houses for inspiration for our future home. I love country style houses and hope to either find one that needs a little TLC or build our own. At one point, last year, I was really interested in interior design and all I wanted to do was renovate every old home that I saw potential in; thanks to HGTV’s Fixer Upper and Property Brothers. I love those two shows so much! It just proves that everything has potential as long as you have the vision.

I set out to find country style homes in our town but didn’t know where to look. Instead I found other beauties that caught my eye. These were only a few of the other beautiful houses we saw and admired. I didn’t want to look too creepy taking pictures of someone else’s home so I didn’t take much.

What is your favorite type (style) of home? And do you watch Fixer Upper and Property Brothers too?



Hi, I’m Va.

I’m a 21 year old from central California residing in a little town called Stockton. My fiancé (Kevin) and I are expecting our first baby any day now (I’m due on Feb. 18). We have 3 dogs; Morris – a Chihuahua mix, Kovu – a Boston Terrier and Dachshund mix and Chelsea – a Doberman and German Shepard mix. Kevin is currently going to school to major in Kinesiology in hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist and I’m currently taking a break but I plan to attend an art school when I go back. We both have a passion for photography/film and we like to do it on the side as a hobby but I plan to take it further.

Traveling and photography are my two most favorite things ever. I also sew on my spare time and attempted knitting once but it was a total failure. I’m a huge animal lover and hope to become a dog foster one day and maybe even own a ranch.

Here on my blog, I’ll be sharing stories about my experiences as a young mom, soon-to-be wife, aspiring photographer/cinematographer and dog owner. Stick around to see my life unfold as I become a new mother.

(This picture was taken almost 2 years ago and we don’t have any recent nice ones of us!)

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